You Have a Strategy.


“Most companies struggle with strategy execution. McKinsey research tells us that 70 percent of change efforts fall short of desired results,”
–Forbes Magazine

What’s keeping you up at night?

How many strategies, operational or change management plans are collecting dust on your shelf right now?

Sure, insights are critical. Sadly, they are useless when it comes to driving the outcomes you want to see, if you can’t execute. Ryelle’s consultants start with addressing the gaps you have in operational support and client experience.


         OUR STORY

Ryelle founder and Managing Partner, Carol Kotacka has spent her career “in the field” working with industry, government and front-line service providers. From labour halls, to emergency departments to manufacturing lines, a consistent theme became apparent: brilliant, transformational ideas already exist within organizations.

The key to unlocking the power of these ideas and turning them into action lies squarely in providing a platform for connection, collaboration and co-creation.

That and providing organizations with the extra hands to turn transformational goals into turn-key operational execution.

Ryelle continually engages private and public sector leaders from across industries and across geographies – asking: “What keeps you up at night?”

The answers consistently reveal that leaders are keenly aware of the rapidly changing context in which they operate. They understand the need to evolve in order to thrive, but often lack the resources and capacity – basically people power – to make it happen. The commitment and consistency necessary to drive outcomes and R.O.I. often isnʼt possible.

Ryelle Strategy Group was created to bring both strategy and execution expertise to organizations on an as-needs basis in a cost effective manner.


  • Change Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Client Experience
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Integration & Collaboration
  • Digital Mobilization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


“Only 8% of organizations
feel their business model will
survive digitalization” –
(McKinsey 2018)

Ryelle Strategy Group offers an outsourced solution designed to meet your goals, budget and timeline.

Our platform provides:

  • Deep sector knowledge
  • A highly responsive client service model
  • Multi-sectoral skills and best practices delivered in a nimble, modular, cost-effective package
  • A true turn-key solution – we are an extension of your team
  • Engagement packages designed to mobilize customers
  • Employee motivation, training and engagement
  • Creative services, including writing; external communications support
  • A full suite of digital services – to maximize web presence
  • Publishing and content curation and creation
  • Brand management and optimization of touch points
  • Research and market study; from surveys to white papers and reports from A-Z
  • Advertising, market intelligence, retail and B2B strategies

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Have a problem you’re not sure how to solve? A strategy you can’t get off the ground? Call us. Our network of partnerships spans industries, geographies and skill sets. Give us a chance to brainstorm with you over the issues that keep you up at night.