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In the News

2306, 2020

Ryelle Launches Human Capital Consulting Services

Amelie Villeneuve, Content Expert
Carol Kotacka, Managing Partner

People matter most.  That’s what we heard when we surveyed leaders recently on how to keep business thriving in a virtual world.  COVID has taught us that the basics matter most when we are all in a crisis together: family, friends, community…people.

Your employees are still your greatest asset, and that fact has never been more true. Engaged employees create satisfied clients and customers. Employee engagement and motivation in a ubiquitously virtual workplace was top of mind for the leaders who answered our survey.  How do we keep remote employees connected to the organization’s vision […]

1205, 2020

Resiliency Planning is Strategic: Now is the time for planning

When a crisis occurs, how will your organization bounce back?

Unforeseen issues – like COVID 19 – are impacting our world, our industry and our organizations more frequently.  Preparedness has become a strategic imperative.  Organizations that will survive and thrive for the long term need to build resilience into their strategy and make it part of their operating reality.

Resilience is a positive word. It’s the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Toughness. Being flexible, dynamic, and continually learning and improving. Organizational resilience is about establishing a culture of flexibility and preparedness.

Organizational resilience preparedness includes everything from: business continuity planning, disaster planning, […]

1404, 2020

Preparing for Mid-Term/Preparing for Recovery

Within weeks, many of our worlds have turned upside down. We’re worried about our family, our employees, and the survival of our business. For those of us in the charitable and broader public sectors, we are concerned more than ever, for the wellbeing of our clients.  Amidst this anxiety, we leaders need to be focused.  The focus is on keeping our organizations running, while making a plan for how to resume operations when we collectively emerge from the crisis we are in.

Preparing for recovery is important.  What needs to be in place now so that you can ramp up and […]

1703, 2020

It’s not too late to launch a Crisis Communication Plan even if you’re in the midst of a crisis

We’ve been receiving questions and concerns from leaders in the field during this rapidly evolving context.

Organizations are treading water. With multiple deadlines, tight budgets on top of the usual operating pressures, staying afloat can be a challenge. Strategic planning and business continuity planning often fall to the wayside.  Yet, organizational preparedness is not a luxury. It’s the cost of doing business today.  Preparedness includes everything from: business continuity planning, disaster planning, pandemic preparedness to crisis communication planning.

What if it’s too late to plan? What if the crisis is here on your doorstep?  Here are some crisis communication tips if you […]

302, 2020


We have BIG NEWS!! Ryelle’s very own content expert, Sharon Douglas, has just been recognized as one of the 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada for 2020!

Sharon has made a tremendous impact in the lives of so many people through her leadership and advocacy – particularly for marginalized communities. Her career has been spent in community development and engagement and capacity building in grassroots organizations to globally recognized nonprofits.

Ryelle is extremely proud of Sharon for receiving this great honour. Sharon will be published in the 2020 edition of 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada book. Not only does this book […]

901, 2020


At Ryelle Strategy Group we are committed to cultivating strategic alliances to ensure full-service solutions offering representation across industries and geographies.

Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Barry Cross, seasoned corporate executive, Distinguished Faculty Fellow at Queens University and transformational change expert.

Barry Cross is an expert and thought leader in innovation, execution and operations strategy. He joined Smith School of Business at Queens University in 2006 after nearly 20 years in the automotive and manufacturing sectors with Magna, Autosystems and DuPont, where he led many key strategic initiatives, including nearly 30 program launches in North America, Asia, […]